Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Green Jobs in LA - Measure B

Measure B, the Green Energy and Good Jobs for Los Angeles Program, is a proposed City Charter amendment and ordinance that that would require production of at least 400 megawatts (MW) of solar power by 2014. The measure is set for the March 3, 2009 ballot in Los Angeles.

If approved by voters, Measure B requires the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to install, operate and maintain solar power on properties within the City and on City-owned airports, to produce at least 400 MW by 2014. The measure also allows for voluntary participation by commercial, industrial and institutional customers for solar installations on their property that would be operated and maintained by LADWP in exchange for potential incentives. It establishes a jobs program and training academy, bid preferences for local solar equipment manufacturers, oversight committees and an annual audit by the City Controller.

Solar LA Initiative
Measure B is one of five programs designed to develop a total of 1,280 MW of solar energy plants serving Los Angeles by 2020. The comprehensive Los Angeles Solar Plan, known as Solar LA, includes:

  • 400 MW - LADWP-owned solar projects (Measure B)
  • 500 MW - Large-scale solar projects outside L.A., located in areas with prime solar resources
  • 380 MW - Customer Solar Programs
    • 130 MW - expansion of residential incentive program, through which customers receive incentives to install solar panels on their rooftops
    • 150 MW - feed-in tariffs, which allows third-party ownership of solar projects on private property throughout the City
    • 100 MW - SunShares, which offers an opportunity for customers to purchase a share of a LADWP solar power facility

Of the total 1,280 MW, only about one-third is designated for LADWP installation, ownership and maintenance. The remainder-880 MW-is available to be developed by the private sector. This plan will create new green jobs, alleviate stress on LADWP's power distribution infrastructure, and help mitigate the City's vulnerability to natural gas volatility and reduce LADWP's historic dependence on fossil fuel generation, among other potential benefits.




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