Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EV Tesla + Solar Charging Station by Solar Universe

Newcastle Family Strike Balance of a Greener Life

During the Loomis earth day I was having a conversation with a gentleman at our Solar Universe booth regarding the impact electric cars would have on our electrical grid, and the cost of charging these vehicles. We discussed the benefits of solar for a few more minutes and both agreed that solar is the natural answer.
It was then that Fred and Gabriela Michanie walked up and said they were on a waiting list for an electric car for Fred to commute to work in. They liked the idea of using solar to offset both the load on the grid and to charge the car without additional cost on their energy bill. The Michanie family is very green oriented and wanted to solve the fuel and emission problems associated with the daily commute, but did not want to create a larger energy bill and put more load on the grid.

Together we agreed to work on designing a solar system for their home that would offset their current electric usage and provide additional energy to charge their car at night during off peak hours, and we did just that!
Solar Universe electrician Brandon Hurlock assessed the home, main load panel and the location for the charging station. Brandon concluded that the main load panel would need to be changed out to accommodate the solar system and the car charger. From there we designed a custom system and went to work. Today, the Michanie family is enjoying the ability to create extra power during the day that’s sent back to the grid, and charging their sporty Tesla electric car at night when utility rates are lower. By doing this they are now offsetting their energy bill and realizing their goal of greener life and a clean efficient commute.

It was a great pleasure working with the Michanie family on this project. Fred and Gabriela are truly passionate about living a greener life and having fun doing it!

Gary Hayworth

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