Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SMA introducing a micro inverter?

SMA Acquires Micro-Inverter Platform from OKE-Services

Niestetal, Germany [
SMA Solar Technology AG has acquired the micro inverter technology platform from Dutch company OKE-Services.
It was agreed to keep the exact purchase price confidential.
SMA plans to develop this technology further in the next few years, to launch its own product line of micro inverters into the market. The product portfolio will be expanded in the area of smaller power ranges, the company said.
It was agreed to keep the exact purchase price confidential, however a consultancy contract was drawn up with the owner of OKE, Hendrik Oldenkamp that will run until September 30, 2012.
Unlike the photovoltaic inverter with string technology, which converts the direct current of numerous interconnected photovoltaic modules into alternating current (AC), a micro inverter converts the DC to AC separately at each individual photovoltaic module.

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