Saturday, March 20, 2010

Plastiki Sets Sail

After nearly 4 years of development the Plastiki has finally sailed off into its big adventure – the South Pacific!

On a journey that will last up to 100 days the crew will battle with the elements of the Pacific, the challenges of a one of a kind boat and witness some of the most devastating waste accumulation on our planet. Its been a long time coming, and for the crew and supporting team this is a very special day.

After some tearful farewells and many a photograph the crew of David de Rothschild, Jo Royle, David Thomson, and Olav Heyerdahl along with Cameramen Vern Moen and Max Jourdan sailed their way out of the marina followed by a fleet of Plastiki well wishers. This will be only the second time the Plastiki will have ventured beyond the Golden gate bridge and will mark the first day of a 3 month journey that will take them from San Francisco to Sydney on a mission to deliver a global message to beat waste and highlight the peril in our oceans.

We were thrilled to see such a great turn out from our local supporters who came down to the Marina to wish the Plastiki a safe trip, and the support we have had over the last few months online has also been a fantastic drive for all of the team. So thank you to everyone who has been following and supporting us over the years – it means a lot and we hope to hear much more from you as the mission progresses!

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