Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time to modernize our energy

SAN BRUNO, Calif. -- Over the past several months we have witnessed both human and environmental tragedies from our over-dependence on fossil fuels. The coal miner deaths in West Virginia, the oil-platform deaths in the Gulf of Mexico and now the unprecedented ecological disaster from a massive oil spill are all too vivid evidence of just some of the collateral damage that results from outdated energy policies. How many pictures of dead seabirds and oil-soaked coastlines do we need to see before we embrace new energy sources that will both reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and create new and better jobs?
Our ancestors once gathered and burned firewood when they needed heat for their homes or fuel for cooking and rode on the backs of animals when they required transportation. Evolution and innovation led us to devise better, more convenient and reliable means to accomplish the same ends. But at a time when technology has led to revolutions in nearly every area of life, we still largely burn things to make energy and provide mobility.

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