Friday, May 27, 2011

New Nissan Leaf Commercial

Nissan jabs Chevy Volt in latest ad

Nissan Leaf ad
45 seconds into Nissan's ad, the Chevy Volt makes an unflattering cameo.
(Credit: Nissan)
Given the hurdles they face in overcoming resistance to new technology, plug-in cars should show some solidarity. But in Nissan's latest ad promoting the Leaf EV, it takes a cheap shot at the Chevy Volt.
The Nissan Leaf ad, titled Gas-powered everything, imagines a world without batteries, where the sound of an alarm clock is eclipsed by the roar of its gas engine. A man talks on a cell phone spewing exhaust, and a jogger starts up an iPod with a pull start.
An office worker turns an ignition key on his computer, then revs it up with a foot pedal, which actually looks pretty cool. The scariest scene occurs at the dentist's, where the patient faces the specter of a gas-powered drill.
It is funny stuff, but at around 45 seconds in, there's a shot of a poor schlub pumping gas into his Chevy Volt, dreaming of a better world. And then comes footage of the silent Nissan Leaf.
Come on guys, you have a whole world of SUVs to take shots at, there's plenty of room for the Leaf and the Volt.
The Gas-powered everything ad will air during the NBA finals on June 12.

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  1. It makes sense for Nissan to mention the Volt cause they both appeal to the same market whereas a SUV shopper may not even be thinking of a Leaf.

    Bridgeport Nissan