Monday, March 19, 2012

NH Solar Permitting Legislation

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  1. I'm all about bringing the cost of solar down, but as an Office Manager for a solar installation company, I can tell you the cost of permitting is usually $500 or less. The time for permitting depends on each AHJ. I can walk into Phoenix and get a permit in 2 hours or less or I can submit online to Maricopa County, which is more convenient, but it takes about 3 weeks to complete their process. I think the overhead costs for small family business is the biggest problem for the costs of solar. We have to have licenses to install in every city in the state that we want to do business. That takes a lot of time and money keeping those current. Insurance is another huge cost. The modules themselves fluctuate in price and availability, which makes it hard to give quotes to customers. Marketing is probably the biggest soft cost for small business and not always easy to track if it is worthwhile or not. Again, I'm all about lowering the costs, but permitting is really a very small percentage. I'd like to see more permitting agencies accept electronic copies of applications instead of requiring 2-3 hard copies. This would reduce paper waste and gas for traveling to these agencies, which would be nice for the renewables industry.