Monday, August 10, 2015

REPOWER Named 5th Largest Residential Solar Contractor

By Elyssa Edwards

In an article published by Solar Power World, REPOWER (formerly Solar Universe) was named as #5 on a list of top solar residential contractors. Reporting 17 Megawatts of solar installed in 2014, REPOWER’s ranking improved from #7 on last year’s list.

As Solar Power World reports, 2014 was a breakaway year for solar, with residential solar growing 51% over 2013. REPOWER is excited to be a part of that growth and improve its influence and visibility by continuing our growth in installations across the U.S.

Additionally, REPOWER is the largest solar franchise concept in the industry. Our franchise model allows us to grow quickly as we expand our Network, while at the same time continuing to focus on providing a truly great customer experience through our locally owned and operated offices.

In May 2015, REPOWER added smart home technology to our solar offering making us one of the leaders in the growing “solar plus” arena. Our customers want more than energy generation and savings when they go solar. They also want to enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable home environment with temperature monitoring, lighting controls and alerts -- all available from a local hub or remotely via their smartphone. Installation of the smart home technology is included with each REPOWER solar system. Our local offices deliver a great experience since they manage everything from design to finance to installation.

Learn more about our local offices here. Or request a free solar quote and we’ll connect you with an office in your area.

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